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CHARACTER NAME Donatello Hamato (brain_behind_purple, TMNT 2012)
Age 15 (canon), 18 (with game history)
Gem Amethyst
Permissions For this particular character, I'd rather do nos hipping aside form one-sided flirting or seduction to to a previous commitment in another game. I'm good with violence and angst, but please discuss it with me first. I also will do no NSFW period. Otherwise I am up for anything and everything!
NOTES Previous games are [community profile] themainframe and [community profile] mylittlejamjar
☆ Earth Manipulation
☆ Fusion
☆ Weapon Summoning (Naginata)
☆ Treasure Sense
☆ Metal Manipulation
☆ Super Strength

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Player Info:
Name: Callie
Timezone: EST
Contact: (email, plurk, etc) [personal profile] calliecatt93  [plurk.com profile] calliecatt93 

Character Info:
Name: Donatello Hamato
Age: 15 in canon, 17 with game history
AU/PG/CANON/OC: TMNT (2012), PG (Terminal Tokyo, My Little Jamrar)

First, aim to list 5-7 bullet points of the history of your character.

  • Donatello, along with his brothers, were bought in a petstore as babies by a ninja master named Hamato Yoshi. But an accident caused an alien substance to mutate Yoshi into a giant rat and the Turtles became anthropomorphic with human intellect. Yoshi, renaming himself Splinter, fled to the sewers and chose to raise the Turtles as his sons. He also taught them ninjutsu as they made a home out of an abandoned subway station and remained there for fifteen years.

  • On the family’s fifteenth Mutation Day, Splinter allowed them to go topside. While enjoying the freedom, Donnie spotted a girl named April O’Neil and immediately fell for her. When she and her father were attacked, he and his brothers tried to stop it, but failed. Donnie, knowing that the family needed to be saved, convinced Splinter to let them try and they discovered that the men are aliens named Kraang who also caused their mutation. They successfully rescued April, promising her that they would find her father no matter what.

  • The brothers continued to fight the Kraang as well as ninjas known as the Foot Clan who are led by Shredder, Splinter’s rival. Donnie had some doubts over his fighting abilities, even going as far as to create a robot named Metalhead to fight for him. But overtime he came to accept his abilities as well as feeling more comfortable with his position on the team. Even after losing to Shredder for the first time, he found solace in working and putting focus on his scientific abilities which helped him cope.

  • Donnie, upon creating a battle vehicle known as the Shellraiser with a Power Cell that they got earlier, encountered a hero wannabee known as The Pulverizer who ended up in the Lair. Donnie, worried for his safety, tried to teach him basic self defense so that he at least wouldn’t get killed. His efforts failed and upon losing the Power Cell, Donnie dismissed him, but not without taking responsibility for his faults as Splinter advised him to do. They failed to retrieve the Power Cell, but DID discover that the Kraang planned to mutate the planet and need April for unspecified reasons.

  • After a failed spy attempt, Donnie returned to his lab, only for his computer to suddenly suck him into the Digital World of Digimon. He woke up as a human and met his Digimon, a Turtle he later named Paolo. He slowly adjusted, making friends and eventually falling in love with a girl named Marley Rose, It wasn’t easy with him constantly homesick and at one point going into a Dark Zone that traumatized him due to horrific visions, but he eventually recovered.

  • Donnie was sent home for a brief time and lost his memory of the Digital World. He again encountered Pulverizer, who unfortunately got mutated due to desiring to be a hero even though Donnie tried to stop it. He and his brothers finally saved April’s father and moved to stop a Kraang invasion. Though they destroyed their headquarters, they couldn’t stop their powerful spacecraft known as the Technodorme from attacking.abducting people and planned to sue April, who they managed to capture, to finish their plans. Luckily, the Turtles saved her and brought down the Technodrome, saving the planet. Donnie was sent back to the Digital World after this was accomplished.

  • After being sent back, Donnie realized his feelings for Marley and they confessed at a karaoke party. Donnie’s brother Mikey also arrived, making Donnie happy. But problems soon arrived with the city temporarily blacking out and Paolo being killed by a Dark Digivolved Digimon named Fearless, who also liked Marley and was enraged by the new couple. Donnie retrieved Paolo’s egg while also trying to care for Mikey.

  • Unknown to Donnie, he had been infected with a SCOPE Virus which causes people to act the opposite of themselves. Though he realized that something was wrong, he didn’t realize what until Marley had been sent home. He kept control long enough to give his friend Fluttershy Paolo’s egg, but he turned into a homicidal maniac and attempted to murder his loved ones, including Mikey. He severely injured others, including Fluttershy, and successfully murdered one named Hiccup though the Digital World restored him to life. He was eventually defeated by Mikey and was out cold until the virus left his system. He was left severely traumatized and his new Digimon, Artemisia, had to care for him alongside the recently hatched baby Paolo. Even after recovering and being forgiven, these actions continue to haunt Donnie.

  • The city, Terminal Tokyo, was eventually destroyed and Donnie lived in another city until again returned home with his memory erased. The Kraang were active again and shipping mutagen which accidentally spilled over the city. April’s father was mutated and she broke away form the Turtles, which upset Donnie and he therefore worked to create a retromutagen. He was also forced to freeze Pulveriser when he went insane, possibly permanently, which has upset him. Eventually April reconciled with the Turtles and returned to them. Donnie also saw her friend Casey Jones, who he became jealous of and was far from pleased when he became part of the team, but they slowly became friends.

  • The Turtles eventually were informed that one of their enemies, Shredder’s daughter named Karai, is actually Splinter’s kidnapped daughter and therefore their sister. She eventually went to them, acting like she believed it to find the Lair before Splinter showed her proof of the truth. She was captured, but despite being rescued her drive for revenge led her to be mutated. Donnie, who at that point had perfected the retromutagen and had saved April’s dad, was doubtful if he could cure Karai.

  • Once again, Donnie alongside his Digimon were sent to another universe, this time a land called Equestria where he regained his Digital World memories and was made into a unicorn, Paolo a normal turtle, and Arte an owl. Along with Fluttershy, Donnie encountered others, most nitpicky an alternate version of himself who he eventually learned was very troubled. It wasn’t long before he got sent home again however where another Kraang invasion happened, this time being successful with Donnie injuring his arm, his brother Leo being horribly injured and near death, Splinter possibly being drowned by Shredder, and him, his brothers, and friends being forced to leave New York to not be mutated. He felt immense guilt as he insisted on staying while Leo wanted to flee, which he believes caused everything to happen.

  • It was right after fleeing that Donnie was sent back to Equestria where his Digimon, Fluttershy, and Don (his alternate self) helped him cope with the events. Fed up with the constant back and forth between universes and worried for his family, Donnie attempted to create a portal to go back home but only succeeded in blowing up a rooftop. Other events such as being frozen due to Windigos and being trapped in a dream world occurred, where he further learned the horrors that Don went through due to being in the Hunger Games, which has caused him to decide to do whatever he possibly can to ensure that his ‘brother’ won’t suffer like that again upon waking up. He also briefly was able to phase through objects due to an experiment of Don’s going wrong which killed another roof, much to his annoyance.

  • As he worked on a second portal prototype, Donnie learned that some ponies, which included Don and Fluttershy, went into Calice, the being that brought them all to Equestria. Don came back, but Fluttershy didn’t and he was left frantic to try and go in to save her until Don talked him out of it. His second prototype also failed, forcing him to face facts and try to continue going on with his life.

  • An evil being known as Tirek attacked Equestria and Donnie supplied smoke bombs and projectiles to other ponies. He got his magic drained, but he was able to join the final fight where a huge explosion briefly turned him back into a turtle and others from other worlds appeared. Along with Fluttershy being returned safely, Marley was one of those people, which allowed her and Donnie to talk and despite the dimensional separation, they decided that they would still love each other no matter what. The explosions effects wore off with Donnie returning to unicorn form and Marley returning home, but he was able to accept it this time and made a locket with a photo of himself and Marley that he took so that he’d be able to have her with him no matter what.

If Donatello could be described in one word, it would be genius. Donnie is a very intelligent and hard-working teenager who devotes himself to mainly inventing and anything scientific related. He excels at all forms of science but mechanics is by far where he most excels at. Due to his choice of interests, Donnie is very logic oriented and accuracy obsessed, never hesitating for a moment to correct someone if their facts aren’t straight. He can be nit-picky and an overachiever, often working to relieve stress and simply because he enjoys it, though he can go to the point of exhausting and disregarding himself. But he does that all with the best if intentions, he can just go over-board.

Outside the genius field, Donnie is a friendly and good-hearted person who tries to do the right thing and is very devoted to his loved ones. He can be very stubborn and sarcastic, especially towards his brothers, and it is easy for him to become irritated and start shouting out of nowhere. He is also incredibly awkward, especially around those he gets a crush on, but his loyalty and devotion to others also very prominent. While he displays great confidence with his scientific interests, he’s not as confident over his ninja abilities despite being a very capable fighter, something that he has improved on by using his intellect and scientific ability to make up for the physical strength that he lacks. But for all of his flaws, Donnie’s love for his family and friends has ever wavered and he will do anything for those that he cares about, even if it costs him everything.

The teenager’s life has by no means been easy and he’s learned many hard lessons in his life. He’s learned how to take responsibility for his actions, but also that he can’t save everyone that he cares about. He’s had to accept that doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing and at times you have to do things that you’ll regret, such as leaving a friend to die. He has insecurities over his status as a mutant and fears that his crush April, will reject him because of him being a ‘mutant freak’. The most difficult thing for him however is learning to cope with guilt, having caused April to briefly hate him and his brothers for accidently mutating her father and his stubbornness causing his oldest brother, Leo, to be put in a near death state as well as nearly all of New York being mutated. Donnie’s had many trials and hardships, but he’s also learned from them and he tries to not repeat those same mistakes.

His time in the Digital World and an alternate Equestria has also changed Donnie in many ways. He experienced love with Marley Rose who he considers his true love, but also had to deal with the heartache when she was sent back home. He has learned how to live on his own without needing his family, even though he’d still rather be home with them. But by far the harshest lesson came in the Digital World when he was infected with a virus and became a homicidal nutcase who severely hurt his friends, one being his own brother, and actually heartlessly killed one friend named Hiccup (though he came back to life). After being freed of it, Donnie was guilt-stricken and severely traumatized from the experience and memories of what he had done to the point that he took therapy to work through it. Despite being forgiven and having mostly recovering from the trauma, Donnie still has PTSD from the experience and when in Equestria, came to realize that he would never truly be over it no matter how many times he’s told that it isn’t his fault. Something that he has come to accept and has decided to do whatever it takes to prevent a repeat of what had happened.

The universal travel was by no means easy, but at the same time it allowed Donnie to mature and grow. He worked through his awkwardness due to his love for Marley and has a much better time expressing and understanding his feelings. He’s made friends who have helped him through his troubles and he fully understands how powerful friendship is and how much he needs it in his life. He has become more independent and mature from having to be on his own and while he misses his family greatly, he knows that he can survive without them. Being in Equestria helped him put to rest the past experiences in the Digital World, such as meeting an alternate version of himself who went through much worst and going through a time where his closest friend, Fluttershy, was ponynapped by an evil entity. These experiences let Donnie realize that he can live with his demons even if hell never get over them and still be troubled by them and that he needs to accept that horrible things will happen, but despite it he has to keep moving forward and continuing on with his life if he wants to be of any use to those that he cares for. When briefly reunited with Marley, he accepted that they’d be separated by dimensions, but that he can still love her and not let the heartbreak hurt him forever.

Overall, Donnie is many things. He’s intelligent and good-hearted, but awkward and irritable. He’s a talented fighter, but not the best. He’s experienced some of the worst, but has become better as a person due to it. Donatello is not perfect and he’ll be the first to admit that and he won’t deny his faults. But with his experiences both his own world and the alternate worlds, Donnie has learned to accept his faults and has gone from an awkward and over-achieving teenager to a mature and grounded young man who is capable of accepting responsibility for what he does and learning from his experiences to become a better person for those that need him.

Gem Considerations: Donnie’s gem would be an Amethyst. It would be in the shape of an oval and on Donnie’s forehead. The Amethyst, since it is known to be an inventor’s stone, would allow Donnie to flourish with his inventing abilities and be able to create new ideas and how to create them quickly and effectively. The gem would also help him when he feels stressed or irritated as well as let him relax and not over-work himself to death. It will allow him to mature, learn to control himself, and let him take better care of himself than he may have before becoming a Gem.

Power considerations:
  • Weapon summoning (a staff that can have a blade pop out of the top)

  • Invisibility

  • Earth manipulation

Donnie has no abnormal powers in canon, so the powercap won’t affect him at all. Having powers however will take him by surprise, though having had magic in Equestria he’s no stranger to the concept. He’d work hard in order to learn to control his powers and to use them effectively.

Sample: Test Drive Thread
Player Name: Callie
Player Journal: [personal profile] calliecatt93
Age: 21
Contact: [plurk.com profile] calliecatt93
Characters Played: N/A

Name: Hamato Donatello

TMNT (2012)


Canon Point:
After Terminal Tokyo was restored and Chosen could go there freely


Canon History Here
Donatello's life had never been what one would consider normal. But it became even more abnormal when after the failure of his spy roach project, he went to his lab to work, only for his computer to suck him into the Digital World of Digimon. He awakened, to his shock, as a human being and he also met his Digimon partner, a turtle Digimon known as Kamemon. He was shocked to be in a new world, one where he was now a human and therefore no longer having to live in isolation. While it took some time, Donnie began to slowly settle and make friends, one of which being his roommate Fluttershy.

It wasn't long after the arrival that Donnie and Kamemon went to assist on a mission against some Devimon with some other Chosen. But during the fight, he got injured saving Kamemon who had been frozen in fear of his first fight. This made Kamemon realize that he needed to fight and he Digivolved for the first time into Gwappamon. Donnie was taken back to Terminal Tokyo and put on bedrest, much to his frustration. However this led to him meeting a girl named Marley Rose who offered to bring him some items to make him feel better. This caused a friendship to start between them, but neither one knew that it would grow into something else over time despite Donnie still having feelings for April. During the same time as Donnie was nearing a full recovery, his old ally Leatherhead appeared and he began to realize just how much pain and trauma that he was truly under and worked to reach out to him.

At this point, he was fully settled into his routine. He was happy to be able to not hide from society, but he was also very homesick as he was separated from his family longer than he had ever been in his fifteen years of life. During this, he agreed to go into a Dark Zone, a dark area that when one entered, caused traumatic things to happen to them. Donnie went in where he was forced to see a vision of his family being slaughtered by the Foot due to his absence and he was briefly turned into a Turtle again to remind him of his low chances of being accepted into society. He was scarred both mentally and physically during this incident. He eventually found Marley, who had also come in, and was shocked that she wasn't afraid of him. Eventually the other person, Ed, was able to free them all frpm the illusion and Donnie was returned to his human form, but he was severely injured both physically and mentally. He was taken out of the Dark Zone and back to the city to recover.

Marley, also traumatized, went to Donnie to feel better and it also helped Donnie feel better. During this, Marley received her Crest of Kindness and though eh hadn't realized it yet, his feelings or her were growing. While he soon recovered physically, he was still traumatized from seeing his dead family even though he realized that it was probably fake. It led to him working overnight to not have to deal with the nightmares and to cope. Frustrated, Kamemon told Fluttershy and finally Donnie opened up about his fears to her and she comforted him. It helped him feel better though he was still not completely over it. During this time he spent more time with Marley and also discovered that she had an eating disorder that she was afraid to tell him of out of fear of being rejected. He instead was concerned for her and refused to leave her side and their feelings continued to grow into something beyond friendship.

At one point, Donnie was sent back home for a few months where he realized that his family was safe and that time was practically frozen in his world while he was gone. He spent his time fighting the Kraang and Foot and going back to his normal life, believing that all that had happened was a dream. However after defeating the Kraang's Technodrome, he was sent back and realized that it was all real. He able to move on from the Dark Zone now that he knew that no matter what, his family would be safe even with him gone.

At this point, Donnie finally realized that he had fallen in love with Marley, but due to insecurities about his mutant form, Marley having a boyfriend in her world, and his fading but still existent feelings for April, he was afraid to act on it. That all changed when he went to a party that Marley was throwing and she sang a song for him, making him realize that she returned his feelings for her. They kissed on that night, officially getting together and allowing Donnie to get his Crest, the Love Crest. But he also upset a Digimon named Fearless, who had a crush on Marley and he felt bad, but he was also happy to have Marley his girlfriend. Shortly after his younger brother Michelangelo also appeared as he was moving apartments and he was relieved to have a part of his family by his side.

But when moving apartments with Marley's assistance, Fearless confronted them and it led to Kameon fighting him due to his angry behavior. It led to Marley's Digimon stopping it, but the damage had been done. Donnie was angry at Kameon for initiating the fight instead of leaving the matter alone peacefully and for almost killing him, Marley, and Fearless' partner Hiccup during it. Not long after, a blackout struck the city and Digimon began to undergo Dark Digivolutions. Donnie found Hiccup and Fluttershy after Fluttershy's DIgimon, Choco, had been killed by a Dark Digivolved Fearless. To protect them., Kamemon digivolved into Gwappamon despite knowing that he wouldn't live and as a result was killed. Donnie was left devastated, being comforted by Mikey and his Digimon Leader the next day with Donnei choosing to focus his energy on protecting his younger brother. After the blackout, Donnie planned to go out to Primary Village in order to get Kamemon's egg, which Digimon were reverted to after death. He was going to leave Mikey behind, but after it upset him, he comforted him and relented. They and a group of others got their eggs and returned home with Donnie finally giving his Digimon a name: Paolo.

The turtles sixteenth mutation day (birthday) eventually came in which Donnie agreed to throw a party for Mikey despite the rest of the family not being present. However Donnie was feeling sick and Marley escorted him to bed halfway through. Donnie didn;t get nay better, but he wasn't too concerned until sometime later when he retrieved a tape. it was a goodbye message form Marley for if she was ever sent home. He realized that she had been sent home to her world and was devastated before getting angry, realizing that something beyond being sick was wrong with him. Fearing the worst, he gave Paolo (still an egg) to Flutterhsy out of fear of hurting it before Mikey came to comfort him and tuck him in. But when Donnie awoke later, he was no longer the same...

Donatello had been infected by the SCOPE Virus, a virus that caused those infected to act the opposite of themselves. In Donnie's case, he became a sociopath who due to Marley leaving, planned to make his friends and brother surfer. He acted normal to hide his intentions until he was confronted by Leatherhead. Donnie, having realized that the other was in love with Mikey, used this to taunt him into attacking in which he used his naginata to cut open his arm. Mikey later found out and confronted him, in which Donnie dropped the act and outright attacked him. He beat him up until leader came and stopped him, causing him to retreat and plan out his next move. He tried to trick Fluttershy into giving back Paolo, but she saw through it so he decided on another approach.

He one night confronted Fluttershy and demanded Paolo back,. chasing her into the park and breaking her wing to make her talk. He was confronted buy Hiccup who tried to tell him to stop, but Donnie instead killed him. Fluttershy tricked him into checking Tokyo Tower for the egg and he told her to give Mikey a message to met him in a week to end things. During this, word had spread that he had gone insane and one resident, Optimus Prime, confronted and captured him. He eventually escaped,but his good half was now starting to break through but the SCOPE half refused to give back control until he had killed Mikey and everyone else important to him.

A week later, Donnie and Mikey met for their final fight and though Donnie almosto won, his good half brke through and stabbed himself to give Mikey a chance to beat him. He was knocked out and remianed that way for days until the virus was at last out of his system. He woke up sick and he was found by his new Digimon partner, a Monmon (monkey Digimon) named Artemisia, arte for whort, who took his home,. Donnie was filled with guilt and remorse for his actions and he sent Arte to tell Mikey and Fluttershy that he was sorry for his actions. He eventually was well enough to do so himself and he also learned that Hiccup was alive due to the nature of the Digital World healing people and he was also forgiven. Donnie soon made a public apology and began to undergo therapy to recover form the traumatic experience. Fluttershy also returned Paolo to him, who hatched as a baby Diigmon and gave Donnei some peace.

But not all was well. Leatherhead hated him for his actions, though they slowly began to reconcile one they had both calmed,. But a rift formed between brothers with Donnie feeling horrible for harming Mikey and feeling that he wasn't needed by him as he now had Leatherhead and other friends. He believed that the damage had been done. He also broke his leg due to an accident and was out into a cast for a month, On Christmas, Donnie and Mikey finally faced each other and reconciled with Mikey receiving his Kindness Crest also. This finally allowed Donnie start to move on from what had happened and Paolo also returned to being a Kamemon shortly after.

But during New Years, the city was attacked and Donnie was taken out of the city by Paolo. Arte soon told them that the city had been destroyed and they had to retreat to a smaller city called Hospitown. However due to boarding the wrong train, Donnie and his partners ended up lost though he was able to take his cast off during it, They eventually got there, though shortly after Mikey was sent back home which again left Donnie with no family. He was able to keep going with help form his friends but he still felt broken by the events of the SCOPE Virus and left on his own for a while to find himself again. He eventually returned during an incident where copies of people were appearing, including one of him. He confronted it sometime after and discovered that it was acting like his SCOPE Virus self He fought and eventually defeated it, giving him a sense of closure at last though he still would have PTSD from the entire incident.

But shortly after, Donnie was again sent home and this time he didn't know what to make of it. He therefore tried to go on like normal and his feelings for April resurfaced now that he believed that he would never see Marley again. Much happened like mutagen being spread through the city, April briefly leaving the team, a rival named Casey Jones emerging for Donnie, and the discovery that one of their enemies, Karai, was really Master Splinter's daughter. He tried to put the Digital World behind him and he never spoke of ti again to Mikey, not sure if he had his memories of it still or not.

After Karai was captured by the Foot after betraying them, Donnie again found himself taken into the Digital World. Terminal Tokyo had been restored and he and other Chosen now had the ability to go back and forth between worlds. He reunited with many of his friends, including Marley where he learned that her former boyfriend had cheated on her. However he himself is not sure if they can restart their relationship due to his now stronger feelings for April, something that he has failed to voice and their relationship has so far been left at a point that he isn't sure of. He also fears telling her of the SCOPE Virus and still suffers form PTSD despite having accepted that it wasn't his fault and having moved on.

There are many ways to describe Donatello. Intelligent, nerdy, easily stressed, caring, all of these can apply to the purple-banded mutant turtle. Since he was young, Donnie had a high intellect and a love for learning and inventing which has only grown as he got older. Because he and his mutant family lived in the sewers of New York, Donnie mainly taught himself all that he knows about science from whatever he could find in the sewer or from what his adoptive father could find for him in junkyards and landfills. Due to what he has learned and his willingness to learn it, Donnie has been able to invent things such as his own laptop, cell phone for him and his brothers, a music player, ninja smoke bombs, patrol buggies which look like go-karts, and he was even able to modify a subway car into a battle van. He designs most of the equipment and weapons that his family uses in battle which makes him a useful asset to the team. However despite this, his inventions can go haywire such as in the episode 'Metalhead' where he reverse engineered an alien robot to create his own called Metalhead. It ended in the Kraang taking control of it and nearly killing Leo, Raph, and Mikey until Donnie put a stop to it.

On a good day, Donatello is often optimistic, a little eccentric, and happy. Although he spends most of his time in his lab inventing or working on his laptop, he does like to hang out with his three brothers and do things such as play video games and eat pizza. He and his brothers train in ninjutsu on a daily basis with their father Master Splinter. Although Donnie isn’t as skilled as his brothers, he is still a very skilled ninja/martial artist and is more than capable of handling himself in a fight. He does not like being mocked about his lack of skill, and anyone who does so will get a rather nasty rant from him. He has some trouble fighting on instinct and using quick-thinking as he has thousands of thoughts and idea running through that large head of his, but after he fought a mind-reading scientist in 'Money Brains' he has been improving.

Donnie has a natural good-hearted nature and all the things that he does such as build weaponry or even just keeping power in the Lair he does for their benefit. Due to his technical expertise, he is the one who keeps the Lair up and running such as giving it electricity, keeping the TV running, or even fixing the toaster or video game console when his brothers break them. He does it all in order to be of sue to his family. Because of his caring nature, he also can't bare to see innocent people in danger and do nothing about it, hence why he tried to save April the night that he met her (but having a crush on her helped). He also cares about people that he connects with even if he doesn't really like them, such as when he met a hero wannabe named Timothy aka The Pulverizer. Donnie tried to train him basic martial arts so that he'd at least survive a fight, but it ended in failure. Later down the road TImothy wanted to be mutated and Donnie was unable to stop him, so Timothy is now a giant blob of ooze and Donnie is trying to save him, finding himself responsible for it due to having taught Timothy.

While Donnie is friendly and kind, he is also socially awkward and has a short temper, which is especially bad when being pressured. He is, however, by no means shy or afraid of speaking up when he has something to say, he is just bad at starting and keeping up a conversation which doesn't involve his interests. He is especially awkward around his crush, a human named April O’Neil and he tries hard to impress her, but often fails. Despite his bad traits, Donnie is very loyal to his loved ones and will do anything to protect them. He is very dependable and does whatever he can to help those who count on him, hence why he works very hard on his equipment. But because of how hard he works, he may sometimes over-work himself to the point of exhaustion, but no matter what he never gives up until he simply can’t push himself anymore. When upset, he works in his lab to deal with the stress, which may or may not always help. But no matter what the situation, Donnie can be depended on and he always pulls through.

His time in Terminal Tokyo also changed him in ways. While he is still awkward, he has become better at talking to people and has been able to enjoy no longer having to be isolated from society. He matured to being less irrational and mroe calm and more aware of just what kind of evils existed due to becoming evil himself. He grew to care for his Digimon and his new friends as much as he did his family and it was due to them that he was able to recover from his traumatic experiences and keep going on. He also grew more experienced with love and became less show-offish with his behavior and began to act more natural and like himself.

But he wasn't left without some after effects. He has many scars from his time in the city and he also suffers form PTSD. Though he understands that the SCOPE Virus was not his fault, he still has nightmares over it and he still remembers the vents as though he had done it. There are times where the memories can be triggered and where he needs time alone to get over the mindset. He is settling to a point where he can handle it, having accepted that he will probably suffer from this for the rest of his life and though it's never easy, he's become better at coping with it.

Donatello's time in the Digital World changed him. It matured him, but it also damaged him in ways that he can't ever fix. He is aware that there are things that he can't fully move on from and that he has to live with the mistakes and choices that he has made. But he has generally been able to keep his personality in tact. He is more wise to the world so to speak and has been able to keep moving forward. His experience has overall made him a better person and he therefore has no regrets over this time there.

Very high intellect
Great mechanical skill
Strong martial artist
Good handyman
Has a good amount of medical knowledge and skill
Can create anti-venoms in minutes.
Supportive friend and brother

Socially awkward and introverted
Short temper
Easily irritated which can make him snap without warning
Over-works himself to exhaustion when stressed
Can;t always think instinctively and thinks too much
Relies on logic too much
Insecure about his mutant status
PTSD from the SCOPE Virus

A bo staff, a belt that goes around his body that holds the staff, a purple mash that he wears over his eyes, and his DIgimon Paolo (who will be a normal blue turtle) and Arte (who will be a normal green owl)

Pony/Animal Type:

Cutie Mark:
A type of crossbone, only instead of bones one is a bo staff and the other is an Erlenmeyer flash with a purple-like substance in it

Pony Picture:

First Person: MLJ Test Drive Post (still ongoing)

Third Person:
Again. He had been sent to some crazy world again. The first time was crazy enough, but at least he was used to human behavior But a world full of ponies? Where he was now a unicorn? That was just… bizzare.

Donatello paced around, his face carrying a thoughtful yet frustrated expression. He hummed to himself every few seconds has he thought through his situation. He had been about to go back home after one of his usual visits to the Digital World, only to end up in Equestria, Fluttershy’s home world, instead. It could be a glitch, Terminal Tokyo just loved to make everything difficult. He was for sure that the Kraang weren’t involved, there was no portal involved and he was fairly sure that they didn’t have a teleporting system, especially since this obviously wasn’t Dimension X. Or it could have been something else all together that brought him hee. But what? And how did he fix it and get home?

“Oh brother, will you quit pacing already?” the teenage unicorn stopped and turned to a blue turtle, who was cowling, “If you know this up then you’re gonna to wear a hole in the ground.”

“Well excuse me, but pacing helps me think Paolo.” the unicorn said as he glared at the turtle, "I’m trying to figure out how we ended up here and how to get back. Right now is not a good time for me to be sent into another world… again.”

"Do you have any ideas about what brought us here yet Donnie?” the question came from a green owl sitting on a branch above Paolo. The question made Donnie sigh again.

“I have… a few theories, but I don’t know how plausible they are Arte. But if this is anything like it was in the Digital World… we might be stuck here for a while.”

Paolo groaned. “Great, just great. This stinks. I wanna be home dang it!”

“Well now you know how I felt when I was dragged from my world,” replied Donnie in a deadpan tone, “but look, we’ve made it through a tough situation plenty of times before. And this isn’t as bad as… other things,”

He paused for a moment, certain thoughts crossing his mind before resuming his talk. “So let's try to keep calm, find out what to do,a dn get through this. We can do it, okay”

Arte nodded with a smile and though it took a few more seconds, Paolo smirked and also nodded. The unicorn felt his expression perk up. They could do this. They’ve pulled through worst before. If they could survive the Digital World, then they could survive anything.
I decided to record all my Terminal threads and leave links to them here in chronological order. THis is mainly or organization purposes.

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OOC Information
NAME; Callie
AGE; 20

IC Information
CHARACTER NAME; Hamato Donatello. Nicknames include Donnie or Don.
AGE;  15
TIMELINE;  Post-Episode 18
FAMILY TYPES; Deep Savers, Metal Empire, Jungle Troops, Virus Busters

APPEARANCE; Although Donnie is a mutant turtle in his universe, upon entering the digital world he would be humanized. He would have light skin, be around 6 feet tall, and while his built would be lanky, he would still have some muscle and have an athletic build. He also has a gap in his upper teeth which he has had since birth. In terms of looks, he would have short messy brown hair, brown eyes, and he would wear a purple ninja mask across his eyes. His clothing would consist of a short-sleeved green shirt, blue jeans, and purple sneakers. He wears brown elbow and knee pads as well as a brown belt that goes across his chest. The belt contains a 6-foot bo staff which has a sealed blade in it which he uses for combat. Donnie also wears bandages around his knuckles, wrists, and ankles.
PERSONALITY; There are many ways to descried Hamato Donatello. Intelligent, nerdy, dependable, caring, all of these can apply to the purple-banded mutant turtle. Since he was young, Donnie had a high intellect and a love for inventing which has only grown as he got older. Because he and his mutant family lived in the sewers of New York, Donnie mainly taught himself all that he knows about science from whatever he could find in the sewer or from what his adoptive father could find in junkyards and landfills.  Due to what he has learned, Donnie has been able to invent things such as his own laptop, cell phone for him and his brothers,  a music player, ninja smoke bombs,  patrol buggies which look like go-karts, and he was able to modify a subway car into a battle van.

On a good day, Donatello is often optimistic and happy. Although he spends most of his time in his lab inventing or working on his laptop, he does like to hang out with his three brothers and do things such as play video games and eat pizza. He and his brothers train in ninjutsu on a daily basis with their father Master Splinter. Although Donnie isn’t as skilled as his brothers, he is still a very skilled ninja/martial artist and is more than capable of handling himself in a fight. He does not like being mocked about his skill, and anyone who does so will get a rather nasty rant from him.

While Donnie is friendly and kind, he is also socially awkward and has a short temper, which is especially bad when being pressured.  He is, however, by no means shy or afraid of speaking up, he is just bad at starting and keeping up a conversation which doesn't involve his interests. He is especially awkward around his crush, a human named April O’Neil and he tries hard to impress her, but often fails.  Despite his bad traits, Donnie is very loyal to his loved ones and will do anything to protect them. He is very dependable and does whatever he can to help those who count on him. He works hard and may sometimes over-work himself to the point of exhaustion, but no matter what he never gives up until he simply can’t push himself anymore. When upset, he works in his lab to deal with the stress, which may or may not always help.
HISTORY;   How Donatello was born is unknown, although it can be assumed that he was hatched from an egg like most turtles along with his brothers Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo. The four baby turtles lived in a pet store until bought by a young man named Hamato Yoshi. But after purchasing the four turtles, he encountered a strange man and followed him, where he noticed a strange scene involving a canister of glowing ooze. The strange men saw him and though Yoshi beat them, the ooze canister broke. Yoshi was mutated into an anthropomorphic rat while the four baby turtles became human-like. Yoshi fled to the sewers, changed his name to Splinter, and took the four turtles in as his sons and began to train them as ninjas.

At a young age, Donnie grew an interest in technology and inventing. He taught himself most of everything by reading salvaged books that Splinter would get from junkyards or form things dumped into the sewers. As he got older, Donnie began to put his mechanical skills to use by working on appliances and electricity around the Lair in order to help his family. This did cost him to fall behind in his ninja training, which makes him less skilled than his brothers, but he substituted this with his intellect and ability to build what the family needed. 

When he and his brothers became 15, they finally convinced Splinter to let them go to the surface, where they encounter a teenage girl named April O'Neil. Donnie fell in love with her at first sight, but the girl and her father were kidnapped by what the Turtles later discovered were alien robots known as the Kraang. They saved April, but her father was taken away, and the brothers promised her that they would find him. Since then, Donnie and his brothers have faced the Kraang, various mutants, and the Foot Clan led by Splinter's rival, the Shredder. Donnie builds the team's vehicles and other items used during missions.  Donnie, along with his brothers, continue to fight the evils within New York City and search for April's father while Donnie's feelings for April continue to grow.

Donnie and his brothers have had many adventures since they went to the surface and have fought the Kraang and the Foot Clan various times. During fights, Donnie's wooden staff would often break, so at one point he took a broken Kraang robot to reverse-engineer it and make it into a robot weapon. He succeed and created Metalhead, which was a powerful weapon, but it failed to use the stealth that ninja's are known for. When Donnie used it in a fight, the Kraang were able to take over it due to it having once been there's. Donnie tried to take back control, but was ifnally told by Splinter to helo his brothers and he took his staff. Although the staff broke again, Donnie used his intellect to trap Metalhead and stab it with the broken bit. Donnie felt guilty as his brothers were nearly killed, but Splinter had assured him that he still saved the city and his brothers, which made him feel better.

Sometime later, Donnie was faced with a dilemma in which he had issues acting on instinct since he over-thinks everything. During this, he and April investigated a possible kidnapping done by the Kraang, but later believed that the scientist mutated a monkey and was kidnapped by it upon meeting the scientist's partner, Dr. Falco. Later, Donnie and April were attacked by the mutant monkey and Donnie ended up getting badly beaten, but April kept calm and the monkey calmed before fleeing. Donnie was taken home and though his brothers were concerned, they made fun of him losing once it was clear that he would be fine. Later on, the turtles captured the monkey and April discovered that it was the missing scientist, Rockwell. They took him to Falco, but later Donnie realized that Falco had mutated Rockwell to make a mind-reading chemical. They went to stop Falco, who had taken the chemical and soon only Donnie was left standing. Due to Falco's powers, he saw all of Donnie's moves and Donnie soon had to force himself to not think, just do. He succeeded and defeated Falco, but the scientist escaped.

After several other encounters with the Kraang, Donnie and his brothers soon discovered that they planned to mutate the planet to make it un-liveable for humans and make it so the Kraang could live on it. They tried to stop them, but they not only failed, but they lost they're ally Leatherhead, a mutant alligator. The turtles retreated, but Michelangelo had retrieved a device which contained files on the Kraang's plans. Donnie soon discovered that the Kraang are after April, and now wishes to discover more about they're plans before they can get her.
FIRST PERSON; dear_mun post, interacting with his brothers
THIRD PERSON; (Takes place after Episode 17 ‘TCRI’)

It was just another ordinary night for Donatello. It was past midnight, he should have left his lab and gone to bed by now. He had to be up early for training the next morning, and Master Splinter would be disappointed if the purple-banded turtle didn't get any rest.

But Donnie couldn't force himself away from his laptop, and he knew that it would be useless to try and sleep. He couldn't do that, not with all the thoughts running through his mind.

His and his brother’s most recent mission has been shocking, and even then that was an understatement of how Donnie felt at the moment, Not only had they lost an ally to an alien dimension due to him saving them, but now he knew the Kraang wanted to mutate the world. He couldn't believe that he hadn’t realized the alien robots plan before.

That bothered him, but that wasn't the main thing. The Kraang had kidnapped scientists, including Kirby O’Neil, despite him being a psychologist who studied mice. But now he knew why they took him; it was to get April. This whole time, these… evil things were after April, the girl he cared for more than anything in the world. It all seemed so obvious now, why had he not realized it before?

Donnie paused from typing when a yawn escaped him and he moved his hands to wipe the drowsiness from his brown eyes. He should sleep, he needed to keep his strength up. If he didn’t rest, his father would be worried and his brothers would force him to sleep.

He couldn’t afford to waste his time doing that.


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